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Letteratura consigliata per Trattamenti Termici

Heat treatment of high strenght stainless austenites steel, S.Reidner, H.Berns, HTM 63 (2008), p. 84-94

The influence of the component geomety on distortio due to heat tratments, C.Andersch, J.Schwarzer, F.Hoffmann HTM 62 (2007),p 2216-220

The orogin of distortion in bearing rings: A manufacturing process chain analysis, B.Clausen, F.Frerichs;G.Goch - HTM 61 (2006), p. 309-319

Hydrogen-induced intergranular fracture of steels, C.J. McMahon Jr, Eng Fract Mech 68 (2001), pp. 773-788

Impact fracture toughness of porous iron and high-strength steels,G. Straffelini, Metall Mater Trans A 31 (2000), pp. 1443-1451

Letteratura consigliata per Nitrurazione

Concept of an Economical and Ecological Process of Gas Nitriding of Steel, L. Maldzinski; J. Tacikowski - HTM 61 (2006), p.296-302

A new nitrocarburizing process for cranckshaft of high-power diesel engine, Y.An; Z.Zhang HTM 61 (2006) p.278-280

Sistema di gestione della nitrurazione con potenziale controllato, M.Caprioglio; A.Mancuso, AIM 22 Aprile 1997

Nitriding iron at lower temperature- W.P. TOng, N.R. Tao, Z.b. Bems and K. Lu, Science, vol.299, no.5607, pp.686-688, Jan 2003

J. Ratajski, R. Olik and J. Tacikowski In: D. Firrao and E.J. Mittemeijer, Editors, Proc. 4th ASM Heat Treat. and Surface Eng. Conference in Europe (1998), p. 231.

Letteratura consigliata per Cementazione

Application of low-pressure carburizing with high temperatures (1000°C to 1050°C) in industrial practice, W.Grafen; M.Ahsrnung, HTM 62(2007), p.97-102)

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